Travel Channel’s ‘Chowdown Countdown’ Loves New Haven

Louis Lunch: America's top chowdown spot

If you’ve been watching Travel Channel’s ‘Chowdown Countdown’, waiting for the episodes to reveal the #1 pigout spot in the United States, guess what. I’m going to ruin it for you. It’s none other than Louis Lunch in New Haven.

It’s a sweet (savory?) honor for sure. But Connecticut residents know the tiny little Crown Street burger joint was famous well before this latest accolade. It’s widely believed to be the birthplace of hamburgers in the United States.  This notation is even ‘on the books’ at the Library of Congress web site.

Louis Lunch burgers are freshly ground, hand-formed and broiled vertically in an original cast-iron gas grill. The patties are served between slices of white toast instead of traditional buns. Acceptable condiments: cheese, tomato, onion. That’s it. Aficionados know exactly what will happen if you ask for ketchup. (Hint: You’ll be out on your ass.)

Also on the ‘Chowdown’ list, at #73: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. AND. Sally’s Apizza. Savvy editors knew that there would be hell to pay for choosing one or the other, so instead they chose to highlight the longtime Wooster Street rivalry. Smart move. Except now the Modern Apizza lovers will start yelling…

2 thoughts on “Travel Channel’s ‘Chowdown Countdown’ Loves New Haven

  1. Liz

    What?! Louis Lunch? It’s good but not that good. There has got to be another No. 1. Maybe I’m just bitter because I love ketchup…

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