Hartford Gets A Cupcake Truck. Nice!

Some people crunch numbers or push papers all day long  to earn a buck. Me? I chase down cupcake trucks. 

I heard from Courant colleagues earlier this week that a new mobile bakery, the Cupcake Brake, had launched in Hartford. Knowing how popular the Cupcake Truck is in New Haven – and how crazy the lines are when that truck comes up to Hartford – I knew this would be a hit.

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Interesting backstory – the truck’s owner is a former financial planner. He earned a culinary degree years ago, went into finance and then realized he wanted to get back into baking. Nothing like following your dream.

I tried one of the “Mohegan Mocha” cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream this afternoon. Holy decadence. The buttercream is made with real vanilla bean – and LOTS of butter. A carrot cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting is waiting for Rob.

4 thoughts on “Hartford Gets A Cupcake Truck. Nice!

    1. Leeanne Griffin Post author

      that sounds wicked. The carrot cake was very, very good and that’s not usually one of my favorites.

      1. Diana

        Yea, tried the mocha and carrot cake, both with the butter vanilla frosting… waay too buttery for my taste. Would have preferred it to be sweeter.

  1. Bill Robinson

    Yes I blew my diet with an awesome Charter Oak Chocolate with Vanilla Butter cream it was the best cupcake I ever ate, “Sorry Mom”!!!


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