Wine Marketing At Its Worst

  And here I thought Ed Hardy wine was ridiculous. But then I went into the liquor store and found these.

This line of wines from TXT Cellars is some of the saddest “millennial” marketing I’ve ever seen. Let’s brand a bunch of cheap wine with text-speak and see if it sells.

Even funnier/sadder are the notes accompanying the wines: WTF Pinot Noir, LMAO Pinot Grigio, LOL Riesling, OMG Chardonnay, GR8 Cabernet Sauvignon and CYA Shiraz. Each wine label is accompanied by three (!) exclamation points but I just couldn’t bring myself to type them out.

“Total acidity: No one really cares. Residual sugar: 30 g/l (that means it’s sweet.) Serving: Serve chilled from 42-46°F or throw ice in it. We really don’t care…This is wine geek talk. We don’t like wine geeks.”

My 1981 birthdate puts me right on the cusp of Generation X and Millennial, but if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to cling to the former.

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