New FTC Guidelines For Bloggers

I’ve been more than vocal about my stance on food-blogger freebies, so I won’t rehash my (sometimes unpopular) opinions here.

What I will do, though, is share this very helpful guideline to new FTC regulations, a must-read for any blogger who features sponsored posts, endorsements or reviews of company-provided products and/or services. (Also, if you’re not familiar with food-writing expert and coach Dianne Jacob, she’s a great resource.)

In my view, this is a good thing – it calls for more transparency and keeps bloggers honest, which then translates to more trust from their readership/audience.



2 thoughts on “New FTC Guidelines For Bloggers

  1. Elizabeth

    Guidelines are good. There’s a real need for this in both the food and fashion blogging communities. I just don’t think real objectivity is possible if you’re getting something c/o.

    1. Leeanne Griffin Post author

      I’m with you. There are others who don’t share my views but it’s their personal call to make. At some point you have to decide if you’re going to be a quality information source or just a shill.


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