Steak and Bleu Cheese Pizza

Steakhouse on a crust

I like garlic, but when I read this pizza recipe and realized the “sauce” was nothing more than roasted garlic paste, I did a double-take. Well, there’s one way to test a marriage.

But the sweet smoothness of the oven-caramelized cloves provided the perfect foundation for this pie, a riot of flavors and textures that helped break us out of our pizza rut.

I went looking for a new recipe Sunday and unearthed this book, a Christmas present from a year ago. We’ve had mixed results with grilled pizzas (more burned, blackened crusts than I care to admit) so we stuck with the pizza stone and a 450-degree oven. Also, store-bought pizza dough, because Big Y’s is perfectly good (if you let it proof at room-temperature) and sometimes I just don’t have the patience to cold-ferment a homemade batch for three days.

Recipe adapted from Pizza on the Grill:

  • 1 lb. of flatiron steak (or similar cut)
  • Roasted garlic paste (made from 1-2 heads of roasted garlic cloves, blended with 1 tbsp. olive oil)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 4 ounces crumbled bleu cheese (I used a mix of smoked bleu cheese and honey-flavored goat cheese; the extra sweetness/creaminess of the goat was ideal)
  • 1/2 cup caramelized onions

Heat pizza stone in a 450-degree preheated oven. Remove it from the oven; scatter cornmeal across the stone.

Roll out and shape the dough; place it carefully on the hot stone. Parbake the crust for five minutes.

Brush the steak with olive oil; season it with salt and pepper. Grill it to rare/medium rare, depending on your preference (the steak will cook further once on the pizza crust.) Remove steak from the grill and slice thinly on the bias.

Spread the roasted garlic paste over the surface of the crust, then add caramelized onions over it. Arrange the steak slices over the crust; sprinkle with cheese. Cook pizza at 450 degrees until the cheese melts and the steak reaches your preferred degree of doneness.

The book suggests pairing the pizza with “the biggest, baddest California cab you can afford.” But the $8 2010 Los Ailos Syrah/Malbec blend I picked up at Wegman’s Saturday fit the bill just fine.


5 thoughts on “Steak and Bleu Cheese Pizza

    1. Leeanne Griffin Post author

      Thanks! I don’t do Pinterest but I appreciate it. If it helps, my stone came from Pampered Chef. It was a birthday gift two years ago and it’s the best one I’ve owned.

        1. Leeanne Griffin Post author

          I had a lower-quality one that cracked right in half one day, in the oven. I think it was because we’d used it on the grill quite a bit and it wasn’t primed for really high heat.


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