Drunken Strawberries: Easy Liquor Infusion

Connecticut beautiesAs a New England resident, I almost start mourning the local strawberry season the minute it begins. The berries are so good, and the season is so brief. I freeze them for the rest of the year, but it’s just not the same.

Last year, we made ice cream. I think we still have a scoop or two left from that same batch. (Ice cream isn’t a binge food in our house, go figure.) This year, my strawberry preservation project is 21+.

In May, I purchased a massive 1.5 liter bottle of Onyx Moonshine, since we were going through the locally-made spirit at a fierce clip. That meant I had enough product for experiments with infusions. A small batch of pineapple-infused moonshine turned out beautifully, working particularly well with fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime and Angostura bitters.

Next up, strawberries.

That’s sexy.

The berries soaked up the booze for seven full days. I tested the batch a few times in between, but waited for it to absorb more flavor and pass its vague cough-syrup stage.

And one week later, I uncorked the bottle (the fruit nearly drained of color at this point, Bunnicula-style) and used the few shots’ worth of vermilion liquor in an easy strawberry martini recipe: mixed with fresh lime juice and just a little agave nectar for balance and sweetness.


Oh, sweet Jesus, was this good. Unsatisfied with just a small taste, I put more infusion bottles to work:

moonshineYes, I packed the half-full bottle of moonshine with berries. I can only hope this will last longer than the summer.


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